Our school

Menai Primary School has a comprehensive and exemplary curriculum taught by award winning teachers who are dedicated to their students. The school has an outstanding and well deserved reputation for innovative and modern teaching strategies which cater for the individual needs of the students.
Our school strongly reflects the values of our local community. Our parents are welcomed and are closely involved in our school life.
The Performing Arts and competitive sport are encouraged, supported and developed by experienced and keen staff. The state-of-the-art technology facilities are utilised by all students to support the Key Learning Areas.

Our Mission

Menai Primary School is a caring, innovative, environmentally aware school where staff and community work together to create a happy, stimulating and secure learning centre for all students. 


Local Area

Menai is set on the plateau between the Georges and Woronora Rivers and was the site of many farms not too many years ago. The suburb of Menai was originally called Bangor by a Welsh settler named Owen Jones, who took up land there in 1895. This was later changed by the Post Master General in 1910 because of confusion with Bangor in Tasmania. Menai was named after the Menai straits between the Welsh mainland and the Isle of Anglesey, opposite Bangor.

In 1971 the population was 2800, and ten years later it was 6500. Around 33,000 people live here now. Access is obtained via Heathcote road, The Alford's Point Bridge and by the bridge over Woronora Rover. Whilst there isn't a rail line into the area, a large number of buses ensure transport into and out of the area is accessible for all. Menai's street names commemorate famous Australians, including some notable living sportsmen.


School History

Menai is one of the oldest settlements in the area now embraced by the Sutherland Shire, the first land grants going back to David Duncome in 1829. By 1896 two hundred acres of land were settled and used for farming purposes. The settlers were in a constant battle against the forces of nature, particularly droughts. The need to educate their children became apparent.

In April 1901 an application for the establishment of a Provisional School was received by Mr. Inspector Skillman, of the Department of Education, from the settlers numbering twelve families. It was not until May 19th 1902 that the Provisional Public School was opened.

Miss Mary Richardson was posted as the first teacher to an enrolment of thirteen children, in the home of Owen Jones, who named the settlement Bangor after his hometown in Wales. Miss Richardson stayed for just two months after finding it difficult getting to and from work in the then isolated community.

Miss Henrietta McAnene replaced Miss Richardson, avoiding the rigours of travel by boarding at Bentley's homestead near the school. Miss McAnene integrated well into the community as well as being respected by her pupils. She stayed almost eleven and a half years before being posted to another school.

Women teachers were responsible for the pioneering work of the school. It wasn't until September 1923 that the first male principal, George Norton, was instated.

In the mid 1900's there was a steady increase in population. The school underwent a number of alterations to cater for the influx of students. There was a population boom in the 1980's. Five schools were erected in the Menai vicinity, one of them being Menai Public School in 1987.

In 2002 the Menai community celebrated 100 years of excellence in teaching and learning during the school's Centenary.



The school currently has 14 teachers (including 2 executive teachers and 2 aspiring executive teachers) which look after 7 classes of children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Over the last 15 years the school and community have evolved from semi-rural to urban. Currently there are approximately 180 students attending the school.



The school is well equipped for most student needs. The expansion of the IT infrastructure in the school now sees each classroom with up to 6 -10 computers as well as internet connection and interactive whiteboards. The Library has a computer lab. of 30 computers plus 10 computers throughout the library for research. The school also benefits from 2 connected classrooms. Kindergarten enjoys the benefits of a Kidsmart computer desk donated to the school by IBM.



At Menai Primary we have a number of programs designed to bring out the most in our children. These program include:

  • Enrichment programs for academically capable students
  • Sporting programs to cater for gifted sports students as well as all students' health and wellbeing
  • Musical Groups  including Steel Band, School Band and Junior and Senior Choir
  • Dance groups including Junior and Senior dance troupe and boys Hip Hop
  • Specialist learning programs including ESL, Reading Recovery and STLA 
  • A school counselling service